Working Papers:

Finite Sample Inference in Incomplete Models, with Marc Henry, April 2022

Discordant Relaxations of Misspecified Models,  with Désiré Kédagni and Ismaël Mourifié, December 2021, (Conditionally Accepted at Quantitative Economics)

Identification of Structural and Counterfactual Parameters in a Large Class of Structural Econometric Models, January 2021

A General Method for Demand Inversion,    February 2018

Working in Progress:

  • Robust counterfactuals in centralized schools choice problem: Addressing Gender Inequality in STEM Education (joint with Ismael Mourifie)
  • Uniform Counterfactual Approximation Error
  • Production Function Estimation (joint with Ulrich Doraszelski)
  • Incomplete Models with Statistical Independence Restrictions
  • Partial Identification for Misclassified Variables (joint with Ning Li)

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